©2019 by Jillann Morlan

Jillann gave me a reading that not only set me in the correct direction to heal, but it allowed me to explore and understand my restlessness. It gave me the opportunity to understand why I need to heal - what it is about my current state that needs to change, how I need to grow, which parts of myself I need to work on. She was in tune with everything I am struggling with and gave me hope that the universe is somehow working with me on this one.

Jillann’s reading was the perfect mix of general and specific—the perfect blend of universal and particular. It helped me wake up to patterns that were already going on around me and made me better in tune with future plans to set in motion. What was so great about Jillann’s reading for me is that it not only focused on future actions or work to do but also acknowledged my current state of affairs (quite accurately). Her reading felt like a friend patting my shoulder saying ‘I know it’s hard, hang in there.’  Afterward, I felt stronger and more emotionally equipped than before. I highly recommend Jillann’s readings to anyone looking for some direction and guidance. You will not be disappointed.

R. Yeker

S. Bhaskar

The reading Jillann gave me came at the perfect time in my life. I was feeling anxious, uneasy, and out of control of my own future. But her reading gave me the peace of mind to fall into the uncertainty and let it fuel my creativity. I can’t control everything in my life, so why not slow down and use it to my advantage? Jillann’s intuition was definitely tuned in to what I was feeling, what I was fearing, and what I was hoping for my life, and her indication that I was at a crossroads followed perfectly with my real world experiences. Her reading soothed me and quieted my mind in a really poignant way. Thank you for your reading and your help, Jillann.

In the midst of the most difficult, confusing and heart wrenching transition of my life, Jillann's beautifully chilling intuitive tarot reading offered me an abundance of light along with so much clarity and peace for my heart, body and soul. I don't say this lightly. She works from the depth of her spirit, her intuitive force transcends all boundaries, and her readings will offer you a truth you can only experience for yourself. I am beyond grateful to have had the honor of her to read for me. Her reading has deeply impacted my life and has not only brought me closer to my truth and my light but has paved my rightful path.

J. Mayhew

S. Zadeh